Bizarre ‘400 Person’ Brawl In Russian Graveyard Kills At Least Two

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A bizarre mass brawl in a Russian graveyard this morning has seen at least two people killed according to police. 

Russian media reports that between 200 – 400 people were involved in the fight which is believed to have been caused by a territorial dispute between two different groups of cemetery workers.

The battle took place at the Khovanskoye cemetery, the largest graveyard in Moscow, and it is thought that the victims died after being run over by others trying to escape the scene in their cars after being shot at, reports the BBC.

Following the fight, which involved numerous firearms, the Russian ministry stated that over 50 people were arrested.

Other than guns, those involved were also armed with bats, sticks, and metal bars in the dispute which Russian media have said was between ethnic groups from ex-Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus who were fighting over the cemetery’s services.

As reported by RT, one of those injured said:

They came and told us, ‘You’d be working for us’. You’ll give us the whole sum, and we’ll give you back 10 percent. We didn’t agree, so they arrived, all armed, about 100 people, and shot people dead, just for that money.

The Interior Ministry told TASS:

Police have found and seized firearms at the scene. The conflict has been contained and arrests continue.

During the search operation at the cemetery, police reportedly found the body of a third victim, a law enforcement source told Russian media, although this is yet to be confirmed.

The entire cemetery is now covered in brick debris, and shell casings of bullets are scattered everywhere.

More to follow…