Bizarre Footage Captures Women Doing Some X-Rated Shoplifting



In bizarre news from Russia, two women have been caught on a camera carrying out an innovative shoplifting spree… 

The pair were spotted stuffing handfuls of sweets into their knickers before waddling out of the shop reports The Mirror.

The ‘Underwear Bandits’ as they’ve been dubbed (by me) were dressed in short dresses as they were spotted on the supermarket’s CCTV cameras.

They can clearly be seen stuffing delicious sweet treats up their dresses and presumably slipping them into their underwear.

One of the women then has a quick shift about to rearrange the stolen items she has secreted in her pants – I assume in an effort to get comfortable – as her accomplice comes into shot and repeats the strange tactic.

Local media have reported that the police are currently on the lookout for the thieves and have released the footage in the hope that someone will recognise them and help with their identification.


One viewer wrote on social media: 

They put the pack in with so much ease. Unbelievable. I wonder how they trained for it.

While another made the, extremely fair, point: “I bet the chocolate will melt very fast. Better enjoy it quick ladies.”

I don’t fancy the idea of stolen sweets that’ve been in someone’s pants to be honest…