Bizarre Saggy-Skinned ‘Sea Monster’ Washes Up On Beach


Protección civil y Bomberos de Acapulco Reporta, un animal marítimo desconocido hasta el momento, en las playas de la bonfil.

Posted by Protección Civil y Bomberos de Acapulco on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

This large saggy lump of NOPE washed up on a beach in Mexico, and has left people everywhere wondering what the fuck it is.

According to The Telegraph, the unidentified sea creature appeared on a beach in Acapulco on Wednesday.

It measures four metres in length and seems to be made up of a weird saggy-skin.

The creature is thought to have died before it landed on the shore – where it was dragged by recent strong currents – but the coordinator of the Civil Guard and Fire Brigade, Rosa Camacho, believes the animal had not been dead for a long time, the Daily Mail reports.

Despite this, it seems to have started decaying rapidly, although it doesn’t stink, with Camacho stating: “We have no idea what type of animal this is, but I do know that it does not smell bad or have a fetid aroma”.

It looks like the top comment on the video might have solved the mystery, though:

Nailed it.