Bizarre Star Wars Style UFO Spotted On The Beach


A strange shape in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has got ufologists excited because of its striking resemblance to the Millennium Falcon spaceship.

Alien researchers are now claiming that the bizarre blob of pixels, which was discovered on Google Earth, shows a ship resting just under the water on a small island, The Mirror reports.

VID-Millennium-Falcon-Type-UFO-crashes-underwater (1)You Tube

Even more excitingly though is that near the mysterious object there appear to be track marks, which has led some to speculate that the UFO crash landed on the island and skidded into the water.

The images were found on Starbuck Island, an inhabited piece of land, part of the Central Line Islands of Kiribati and although I think it looks more like a boat, I’m not a UFO expert so what do I know.

VID-Millennium-Falcon-Type-UFO-crashes-underwaterYou Tube

The video exposing the UFO was uploaded to YouTube by Third Phase of the Moon ,who are dedicated to bringing videos, message and research in the field of ‘ufology’ to the public and it’s been viewed over 100,000 times.

This isn’t the first time that Han Solo’s iconic ship’s been spotted by conspiracy theorists, earlier this month some believe they saw it on a live NASA feed of the ISS.

At the rate that these UFO researchers keep spotting the Falcon no wonder everyone calls Han Solo’s ship a piece of garbage, it’s crashed everywhere!