Bizarre Unidentified Mass Discovered In Antarctica


An unidentified mass which has been discovered on an island in the South Atlantic Ocean has crackpot alien hunters convinced that it is the crash landing site of a UFO.

The mysterious discovery was first unearthed on Google Earth, upon closer inspection, it appears an unknown object has crash-landed on the remote South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, near Antarctica.

Secureteam10, who are well known in the Alien conspiracy community, used Google Earth to closely examine the ‘crash site’ and they are convinced it is the location of a spaceship which is near the 10,000ft tall Mount Paget, on the remote island, where about only 20 people live.

Tracks can be seen trailing behind the mysterious object, which Secureteam10 believes is a trail left behind the ‘supposed’ alien spacecraft before it came to a halt. They posted a video on YouTube, explaining what they discovered and pointing out their reasons as to why they think it’s a legitimate alien spaceship, which has been viewed over 399K times.

While those with an active imagination would love to believe the unknown object is proof that aliens are indeed real, those with a more logical/rational train of thought will no likely deduce a more reasonable explanation for the finding.

Many believe the object is just an insignificant rock which has been pushed along by a glacier nearby. One of the viewers, who claims he was stationed on the island (which happens to be a British Overseas territory) with the Royal Navy, shot down the extraterrestrial theory.

Google Earth

The YouTube user, only known as Rain606, left a comment on the video, saying:

The research station on the island asked us to fly a photographic recce over the entire island to document population and locations of reindeer.

As the photographer on that recce, I can confirm 100 per cent that what you see in the image is just the result of a glacial slide. Sorry.

While this provides a more logical explanation as to what lies at the site, others decided to take a more comedic route. One viewer suggested it was Santa Claus’s doing, who had too much to drink and crashed landed his reindeer sleigh (an important reminder to not drink and drive).

Warner Bros./DC Comics

Another smart alec made reference to Zak Snyder’s Superman film, Man Of Steel, claiming it location was where the Last Son of Krypton cash landed when he was first getting to grips with his ability to fly. I’m just surprised no said it was the site of Clark Kent’s Fortress of Solitude.

Whatever the unknown explanation is, I’m highly convinced it’s not an alien spaceship.

If you’d like to see the unknown site for yourself click here.