Black Brothers Arrested And Held In Jail For More Than A Month Without Charge

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Jun 2021 12:06
Black Brothers Arrested And Held In Jail For More Than A Month Without ChargeCBS 2

The father of two brothers who were held in jail for more than a month without ever being charged has expressed his belief they were arrested because they were Black.

Shyquawn and Carl McNickles were in Miami Beach celebrating Shyquawn’s 18th birthday with their dad, also named Carl, who left the brothers with their friends at around midnight.


Just three hours later, the stunned father received a call from his son’s girlfriend telling him both Shyquawn and Carl were in jail, having been arrested in connection with two armed robberies that had happened less than an hour earlier.

Hear more about their ordeal below:


Shyquawn told CBS 2: ‘The police pull up, guns out; told us if we move, they were going to shoot us.’


Neither of the brothers had a record, and they both tried pleading with the police to tell them they had the wrong suspects. Shyquawn is in high school, while Carl III, who is 20 years old, plays football and wrestles at William Penn University.

Police ignored their claims of innocence and put the two brothers behind bars, where they remained for 33 days – the maximum amount of time someone can be held in Florida without charges.

In the meantime, the brothers’ parents and lawyer, Tony Moss, looked into the arrest reports and began finding inaccuracies, with one victim’s description of the suspects depicting them as ‘five Black males, wearing all black clothing, with black ski masks covering their faces.’

Shyquawn McNickles (CBS 2)CBS 2

At the time of their arrest, Carl III and Shyquawn were wearing rainbow Crocs, a red T-shirt with the Nike slogan ‘Just do it’ printed on it, and ripped jeans.

Moss told CBS 2 there was no evidence at all to link the McNickles brothers with the robberies, but it wasn’t until last week, after what the brothers’ mother described as ’33 long, miserable days’, that Miami-Dade prosecutors told a judge they were not going to file formal charges.

The arrests still remain on the brothers’ records, however, with police saying they stand by the decision. As a result of the record, Carl III lost his college athletic scholarship, meaning his family cannot afford to send him back to William Penn.

Carl McNickles (CBS 2)CBS 2

Discussing the unfairness of the situation, the 20-year-old said: ‘My whole life, I’ve been trying to just stay out of trouble – like nothing at all involving police – and then this happens.’

The brothers will have to fight to have their arrest records wiped clean, with Moss expressing hope that they decide to ‘sue the hell out of the Miami Beach Police Department’.

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    Suburban Brothers Held For 33 Days In Florida In Crime They Say They Had Nothing To Do With; Arrests Remain On Their Records Despite No Charges