Black Mirror Predicted One Of iPhone X’s ‘Creepiest Features’

Channel 4 / Apple

Charlie Brooker’s dark dystopia depicted in Black Mirror seems to no longer represent the future, but terrifyingly, the present.

Following the big over-the-top party to celebrate the release of the ‘affordable’ iPhone 8 and £1k iPhone X, Apple’s ideas seem to have been inspired by Brooker’s twisted narratives surrounding technological advancement.

Cast your mind back to series two of the insightful programme – do you remember the ‘Waldo moment which told the story of a failed comedian who’s the performer of a blue cartoon bear (Waldo) who comically interviews politicians?


One of Apple’s new features, which has amazed the sheeple queuing up to buy the phone, is the animal avatars or Animojis which use the phone’s ‘true depth’ camera.

The avatars move and respond according to what face you make and Charlie Brooker just had to highlight the similarities on Twitter, by adding Waldo into the Apple presentation.

So, like the face-ID feature, the Animojis are also pretty unoriginal.

Please, can we stop morphing our world into a Black Mirror episode!