Black Woman Doubles House Value By Removing Photos And Having White Friend Pose As Owner

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 May 2021 14:35
Black Woman Doubles House Value By Removing Photos And Having White Friend Pose As Owner CBS 4

A Black Indianapolis woman’s house doubled in value after she removed items that identified her race and got her white friend to pose as the owner.

Carlette Duffy recently filed a housing discrimination complaint with the Fair Housing Centre of Central Indiana (FHCCI), seeking a US Department of Housing and Urban Development investigation into why her home’s re-appraisal increased by more than $100,000 after she removed all indications she was Black.


She suspected something was askew after her first two appraisals came to the same price she paid for the house in 2017.

Check out a news report of Duffy’s story below: 


Speaking to CBS 4 about her initial pushback, Duffy said: ‘When I challenged it, it came back that the appraiser said they’re not changing it.’


She continued: ‘I decided to do exactly what was done in the article. I took down every photo of my family from my house. I took every piece of ethnic artwork out, so any African artwork, I took it out. I displayed my degrees, I removed certain books.’

In addition to not revealing her race in any communications with the appraisal company, Duffy also asked a white male friend to pose as the homeowner. Soon after, it was valued at more than double the first two appraisals.

Carlette Duffy filed a housing discrimination complaint. (CBS 4)CBS 4

Duffy said: ‘I get choked up even thinking about it now because I was so excited and so happy, and then I was so angry that I had to go through all of that just to be treated fairly.’


She added: ‘I’m doing this for my daughter and I’m doing this for my granddaughter, so that when they come against obstacles they will know that you can stand up, you can say that this is not right.’

Rodman Schley, president of The Appraisal Institute, said in a statement: ‘We believe that overwhelmingly, there are more good people in this world than bad, including in the appraisal profession – and that today, more than ever, people are committed to listening, learning and changing. That said, it is widely accepted that unconscious bias is real, and no profession is immune from that.’

Schley also encouraged anyone who thinks they’ve experienced similar housing discrimination to report it.

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    Homeowner files bias complaint after removal of Black art, photos leads to $100K appraisal increase