Blind MMA Fighter Continues To Beat Fully-Sighted Opponents

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jul 2015 14:33

Meet Lee Hoy of Whiteleas, South Shields, a man who has been registered blind since birth with a remarkable determination.


Lee took up the fast-paced sport that is Mixed Martial Arts two years ago, and it turns out he is actually pretty good at it – so much so, that he has been consistently beating fully-sighted opponents.

He first turned up at Fighting Fit, in South Shields, with an aim of gaining some self-defence skills, but nowadays regularly competes in bouts against sighted opponents and has even won bronze medals in two grappling competitions.

28586116832858611683Lee Hoy, left, with coach Shaj Haque

Speaking to the Shields Gazette, Lee said:


I’m a totally changed person because of the sport, and feel a lot more confident in myself and happy. I can walk the streets with my head high, and feel that I can look after myself if I need to.

Lee’s next challenge comes in August, which comes in the form of a local boxing demonstration alongside fully-sighted colleagues.

But we’re sure he will smash it!

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