Blood Pours Down Street In Gruesome Funeral Home Leak


The people of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were met with a horrific sight on Tuesday, when their normally peaceful street turned into a scene from The Shining.

Blood and embalming fluid, mixed with formaldehyde, flooded the street outside a funeral home on Thursday, draining into the street from a faulty storage tank for all the horrified locals to witness.

KATC reported from the Greenoaks Funeral Home:

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A blockage in a valve caused the leak – which only lasted for 20 minutes – and originated from behind the building.

Officials told KATC the blood didn’t make its way into the city sewer system, thankfully, since it happened on private property.

The funeral home is under new management and according to reports, didn’t have a permit with the Department of Environmental Services.


While the blood has since been cleaned from the street, it’s not clear if there’ll be repercussions.

What is clear, is this is absolutely horrific. Worse than any horror film I’ve seen.