Blood-Soaked Man Savagely Beats Himself Up In Disturbing ‘Exorcism’ Video


Warning: Distressing footage.

Railyn Garcia/YouTube

Horrific footage has emerged online of a blood-soaked man forcing a crucifix down his throat, as a ‘demon is exorcised from him’.

The disturbing clip, posted to YouTube, is thought to have been filmed in South America, The Mirror reports.

As the video begins, a man can be seen shaking in a chair as priests circle around him.

Railyn Garcia/YouTube

They then start to spray him with some sort of liquid as a set of drums are being played in the background.

It appears that blood is pouring from his mouth, as his limbs twist into seemingly impossible positions.

He then decides to smash a glass bottle against his head, not once, but twice, as he continues to shout in tongues.

Railyn Garcia/YouTube

Throughout the video, priests try to hold the man’s arms to form an ‘X’ shape and carry out the exorcism successfully.

He appears to force a crucifix down his mouth and pierce the skin near his throat, as the drumbeat in the background gets faster and faster.

And by the end it seems all of this may have done the trick, as he throws up his arms in the air- in an alleged celebration of being exorcised of his demons.

Whether this is actually legit or not though remains to be seen – we have our doubts for what it’s worth…