Bloodsoaked Killer Makes Chilling Confession About Death Of Father And Stepmother

Channel 7

His hands covered in blood, Corey Breen calmly and clinically confesses to a double murder.

On Good Friday in 2013, Breen sat with detectives sickeningly detailing his two hour murder spree which saw him steal two cars, assault three people – stabbing one – and finally, slaughter his father Paul Breen and stepmother Felicia Crawford.

Now, the horrifying police interview he gave the night of the murders is being released.

Watch the trailer below:

The confession video, which will air for the first time on Murder Uncovered, shows Corey realising his hands are still blood soaked from his killing spree.

Asked whose blood it is, Breen says it could be ‘all three’ of his victims – including the driver he injured while trying to steal a car.

After police inform Breen that he’s under arrest for ‘multiple counts for stabbings’, he calmly replies: “Yep, and I told you that hopefully they’re murders.”

Channel 7

Amid the graphic details, he’s matter-of-fact and casually reenacts the motions he used while stabbing his victims with a 17cm hunting knife.

Unapologetically, Breen explains to officers: “It’s always sort of been like … like a time bomb sitting in my head … I knew sooner or later I was gonna fucking go and get me old man and the rest of the cunts. Tonight was the night.”

He also admits he planned to murder his grandparents, adding: “I was gonna butcher ’em. Fuck yeah”.

Channel 7/Corey's stepbrother, Dane.

Breen’s stepbrother, Dane, also recounts the story to Murder Uncovered. Just 12-years-old at the time, Dane tells the program he will never forget the ‘look of pure evil’ Breen shot at him as he drove away.

The interview will air tonight on Channel Seven true crime show Murder Uncovered.