Boar Emerges From The Sea, Unleashes Fury On Beachgoers

by : UNILAD on : 19 Jul 2016 12:04

If there’s one thing the Baltic Sea is known for, it’s not wild boars.


But pretty unbelievable footage of one emerging from the water seems to show otherwise. We may just have found the world’s first wild sea boar.

Uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, the footage was apparently taken in Karwia, a seaside town in northern Poland.


The video shows the pig charge out of the Baltic Sea and into the wake of beachgoers.


After struggling to find an exit from the beach, it stars to wreak utter havoc – tearing up towels and even throwing one man over his windbreaker.

But while the tale of a wild sea boar unleashing its fury on Polish beachgoers sounds like a fun story to tell, unfortunately, the boar didn’t actually come from the sea.


The animal had originally come from the forest off camera before getting lost in the water. It was then forced back up on to the beach by a jet-skier before it was eventually chased back into the woods by a group of men, the Mirror reports.

Still, if you’re ever on the beaches of Poland, better keep an eye out for those wild boars.

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  1. Mirror

    Shocked sunbathers scream and scatter as wild boar charges across beach at packed holiday resort