Body Cam Footage Shows Moment Cop Finds His Wife Has Been Shot In The Head


Shocking body camera footage showing the moment police found a young mother, barely alive and suffering from a gun wound to the head has emerged online. 

Police found 19-year-old Jessica Boynton soaked in her own blood and locked in a wardrobe after her husband, Matthew Boynton, heard two gunshots in the house they share in Griffin, Georgia.

Both police and Boynton, who is a cop, claim that Jessica tried to kill herself but she told the authorities a very different version of events after waking up from a three week coma, 11 Alive report.

Warning Graphic Footage

Jessica claims that Boynton shot her and then staged the event to make it look like a suicide.

Footage from the night shows police desperately searching the house for Jessica before eventually smashing through a locked cupboard door to find her barely conscious on the floor with Boynton’s police-issued gun.

Boynton had called the police asking for officers to be sent their house saying that Jessica had allegedly texted him a suicide note.

Facebooklive/ Rob Krieger

Jessica however claims that there are a number of inconsistencies with Boynton version of events and the police investigation.

She denies sending the suicidal text message, claiming she leaves her phone was unlocked so anyone could use it, and also told investigators that she doesn’t remember how she got shot.

Her trauma surgeon has also raised questions about the self-inflicted gunshot wound, noting that her hands weren’t covered in gun powder and the odd angle of the wound on the top of her head.

Facebooklive/ Rob Krieger

Despite this a police investigation cleared Boynton of any wrongdoing because Jessica’s DNA was found on his gun.

Boynton has since returned to work and won custody of the couples two children following the incident.

12 months on, Jessica continues to maintain that she did not try and commit suicide.