Bodycam Footage Shows Police Shoot Man With His Own Gun

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Roy Police Department

Horrendous footage of a man being shot dead by police officers using his own gun has been released and it’s truly horrific. 


Police have released a harrowing video from a police bodycam, of a man being shot to death, after police worryingly opened fire on him at a petrol station in Roy, Utah.

Nicolas Sanchez was shot dead on February 21st, after a petrol station worker called the police, believing the man to be behaving suspiciously.

According to police, the 38-year-old man was armed, but was confused at what he’d done.


He asked the police:

Really? What do you want to talk to me for?

What have I done?

One of the police officers then replied with:

I will let you know. Come over here. We got called on you.

Roy Police Department

The man agreed to be questioned and one of the officers instructed him to keep his hands away from his pockets.

At which point he lifted his shirt and said:

Sorry, look, I ain’t got nothing.


An officer saw he had a gun though and warned him ‘Do not reach for your pockets,’ before he tried to make a run for it.

The police pursued him as he yelled ‘What? What are you doing?’ before he was tackled by one officer and then shot by a stream of bullets by the other wearing the camera and filming the whole awful incident.

The police officer who originally tackled Sanchez to the ground, took his gun and fired the fatal bullets, after mistakenly believing it was him and not his colleague who had started shooting.

An initial shot can be heard on the footage from the man filming, before a pause and then a stream of at least a dozen more shots.

Sanchez, who was a convicted felon, sadly died of his injuries in hospital, later that night.

Heather White defending the policeman said:

Sanchez was argumentative. He was unwilling to talk to them.
We believe that the officers acted appropriately. They did what they were trained and expected to do.

The two officers are currently on paid leave while the case is undergoing investigation.

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