Bolt’s ‘Lover’ Breaks Silence After Intimate Photos Leak

by : UNILAD on : 22 Aug 2016 12:28

Usain Bolt’s Brazilian bae-of-one-day, Jady Duarte, has given haters the finger on Instagram in response to being hailed a gold digger.


The extroverted Olympian was quick to get back to the ‘grind’ as incriminating photos of him ‘in bed’ with a Brazilian student (not his girlfriend) surfaced yesterday.

The caption translates as:

Good night to all those calling me a gold digger.

Jady insta 1Jady insta 1Instagram

Miss Duarte posted a longing photo earlier today where the caption translates as:

A great guy, who I already miss.

Jady insta 2Jady insta 2Instagram

The well-decorated athlete also took part in some raunchy twerking on a club stage with another girl as he kicked off his wild birthday celebrations in Rio, The Mirror reports.

One of the photos shows a topless Bolt kissing 20 year-old student Jady Duarte’s neck while she poses for a selfie.

Bolt’s beautiful bae of two years, Kasi Bennett, who he proclaimed his ‘first lady’ has deleted her Twitter since the photos were published – we reckon he’s in the dog house for a while.

Kasi Bennett openly supported her ‘baby’ on Twitter, saying her level of pride was ‘unfathomable’ after he won 200m gold.


Here’s a photo of Kasi in carnival gear…

The photos, where Bolt appears to give zero shits about kissing on camera, were published by Jady on a Whatsapp group to her girlfriends, soon getting into the hands of local media.

The Jamaican sprinter, known for his extroverted performances on and off the track, celebrated his 30th on Sunday, allegedly partying until 7am.


Local newspaper Extra reported Jady didn’t realise that she had bagged a famous athlete.

It’s yet to be confirmed if he has cheated, but either way, Bolt appears to be winning a lot of affection.

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    Usain Bolt pictured in bed with Brazil student, 20, after wild birthday party celebrations