Book Claims You May ‘Fascinate A Woman By Giving Her A Piece Of Cheese’

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Book Claims You May 'Fascinate A Woman By Giving Her A Piece Of Cheese'@manigarm/Twitter/Alamy

In what will be welcome news to cheesemongers, one book claims you can fascinate a woman by giving her cheese.

Say Gouda-bye to what you thought you knew about piquing a women’s interest, because it turns out you might just need some brie.


The advice comes fresh – or should we say matured – from 17th century text The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft.

Stilton cheese (Pixabay)Pixabay

Anthropologist Dr. Holly Walters took to Twitter to share the news, complete with a picture from the book.

A little confused by the advice, Dr. Walters captioned the photo, ‘Well, I mean…’ and proceeded to point out the block of text.


The text read:

You may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.

While the advice comes a little too late for the festive season, it’s right in time for Valentine’s Day.


Who needs chocolates and roses when you can have fascinating feta?

Of course, people took to Twitter to weigh in on the discussion. One user wrote that it’s ‘what women really want’, with another adding, ‘Fascinating cheese is my dating style.’

Another boldly said, ‘This works,’ and, honestly, would you not be grateful for some extra cheddar?

One romantic user continued:


I have a Kraft American Single that I have been saving for my dream girl.

Sounds like the start of an epic love story.

It’s not just women who can be impressed by the pasteurised gift, with another user adding, ‘I’ve found this works with men and [non-binary people] too’.


Well, with that, we’re off to the shops to grab a cheeseboard.

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