Boris Johnson Just Won A Prize For This Rude Poem

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Boris Johnson has insulted the president of Turkey – and he won a prize for it.

The former Mayor of London was recently announced as the winner of the Spectator’s President Erdogan Offensive Poetry competition, bagging £1,000 for insulting the president.

We’re sure the fact that Boris Johnson used to edit the Spectator probably has no effect on his winnings.

The competition was aimed at encouraging freedom of speech and was in reaction a late-night comedy programme being pulled for writing a rude poem about Erdogan.


The poem was written by Jan Böhmermann, who has since been banned from repeating most of the verse by a German court, following a request from Turkey for an investigation, Sky News reports.

The contest asked for entries that were ‘as filthy and insulting as possible about Recep Erdogan.’

This was Johnson’s poem:

There was a young fellow from Ankara

Who was a terrific wankerer

Till he sowed his wild oats

With the help of a goat

But he didn’t even stop to thankera.


The Shakespearean Brexit decided to give his £1,000 reward to charity. So it’s all fine, really.

Anticipating a harsh reaction from Erdogan, journalist Douglas Murray, who came up the idea of the contest, advised the Turkish president to respond in verse rather than through a law suit.

We can’t wait to see the rebuttal poem.