Boris Johnson Lookalike ‘Too Scared To Leave House’ After Brexit


Boris Johnson recently became (even more) unpopular with large swathes of the country after his Leave campaign won.

And after he subsequently decided not to run for prime minister, he became even more toxic to a large part of the British population.

Now, a lot of people were less than pleased about Boris Johnson‘s decisions, but it’s really affected one man in particular.

Drew Galdron, who has an uncanny and unfortunate resemblance to Boris Johnson, has been left with no choice but to wear a T-shirt saying ‘I am not Boris’, after receiving constant verbal abuse in the street.

The Boris lookalike has practically gone into hiding after the public turned on the former mayor of London following the vote to leave the European Union, the Mirror reports.

Drew, who’s been working as a double for Boris since 2007, said he’s become something of a recluse lately – especially since Johnson sensationally announced he wasn’t going to stand for Tory party leadership.

Party Faithful Attend The Annual Conservative Party ConferenceGetty

Speaking to the Daily Star, Johnson’s 33-year-old double said he is ‘scared of what people could do’:

In the past few weeks I’ve become very concerned about drawing attention to myself.

I get people muttering things under their breath when they walk past me, which is upsetting.

I’m honestly worried to leave the house as I’m scared of what people could do. I have to think twice every time I want to go out as I can’t always expect the public to be respectful.

People are yelling things at me and trying to take pictures, but at the minute I’m worried something more serious could happen.

I have a history of mental illness and agoraphobia and sadly recent events have made it worse.

The Boris lookalike is also keen to distance himself from the Brexit campaigner’s political ideologies, saying: “The similarities stop at our looks. I like his personality, but I don’t agree with his politics.”

We don’t blame the guy – it’s certainly not a good time to be looking like Boris.