Boris Johnson Says He Loved Fox Hunting In A ‘Semi-Sexual’ Way

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Boris Johnson Says He Loved Fox Hunting In A 'Semi-Sexual' WayPA Images/Pexels

Prime Minister Boris Johnson once urged fox hunters to break the law and continue killing the animals, noting his ‘semi-sexual’ love for the illegal practice. 

In 2005, when he was a mere Conservative MP, Johnson penned an article for The Spectator magazine – which he also edited at the time – outlining his impassioned feelings on the previous Labour government’s ‘Marxian attack’ on the upper class with the Hunting Act.


The future PM argued the ban was not about cruelty, rather it was ‘a brutal and pointless liquidation of a way of life’, urging fox hunters to keep the practice alive by breaking the law.

Boris Johnson Says He Loved Fox Hunting In A 'Semi-Sexual' WayPA Images

Johnson noted the ‘military-style pleasure’ of hunting, comparing it to ‘skiing, in that you are personally tracing, at speed, the contour of the landscape, and then there is the added interest of the weird semi-sexual relation with the horse, in which you have the illusion of understanding and control.’

His earlier piece added: 


They ban it just because they can; and the people I really despair of are those idiots who say that they ‘don’t care much one way or another’. About five or six years ago I went to see Blair, and asked him why he was banning hunting.

‘Oh, I’m not one of those who would go hunting on a Saturday, nor would I go out protesting,’ he said. Is it not therefore doubly revolting that he has imposed this tyrannical measure, and voted for it himself?

Writing that he ‘loved’ his day with the hunt, Johnson went on to urge fox hunters to ‘have the courage and organisation to keep going forever… they are going out with the hounds this Saturday, and if the hounds pick up a fox, so be it. How will the poor cops prove mens rea?’

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Johnson also wrote: 


And will they not have to produce a fox in evidence? I hope that the hunt holds up the ban to the ridicule it deserves, that they defy the police and the magistrates and the government, until a new government can rescue an old tradition and restore it for the sake of freedom and freedom alone.

Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Green Party, criticised the article for simply pushing his ‘dubious enthusiasm for fox hunting’, explaining to The Independent that ‘it does nothing to address the underlying reasons why the Hunting Act was introduced’.

Whether his near-evangelical adoration for the practice is still as fervent isn’t entirely clear. However, with public opinion so clearly against fox hunting, the current Conservative government hasn’t made any moves on repealing the act.

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