Boris Johnson Likened To Donald Trump After Rally Stunt


Political buffoon Boris Johnson’s clearly been asking Donald Trump for tips on how to throw a rally, after asking supporters to interrupt a live news broadcast. 

The current Mayor of London and would-be-Conservative leader urged his supporters at a Vote Leave rally to disrupt Channel 4 reporter Michael Crick’s piece to camera at a Manchester event on Friday night, the i100 reports.

Boris Johnson even went so far as to interrupt his own speech, just to draw attention to the live broadcast at the far end of the hall.

He shouted:

Some chap from the media is trying to do his piece to camera. I think – shut up – can we tell Crick to, can someone go and interrupt Crick at the back there?

The audience, unsurprisingly, loved it and the dough-faced Johnson then rather smugly continued: “You can do your piece to camera when I’ve finished.”

It was at this point that a Vote Leave supporter went over to Michael Crick and tried to interrupt the broadcast, which probably wasn’t the best PR move.


Now people are making comparisons between the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Boris.

Trump is of course is infamous for stopping mid-speech to tell his security to throw out protesters from his rallies and has sometimes incited violence.

The flaxen haired billionaire has had a long and controversial relationship with the media after his public row with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, as well as his mocking impersonation of a disabled New York Times reporter.

Shockingly though Crick has criticised the comparisons between the exploits of the Johnson and Trump, no matter how accurate they may be.

It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise i it turned out the pair were talking, they’ve obviously been swapping hair tips for years…