Bounty Hunters Abduct Wrong Man And Terrorise Entire Family

bounty hunters at doorThings We like to Watch/YouTube

Footage has emerged of bounty hunters apparently seizing the wrong man, forcibly taking him out of his home and ‘kidnapping’ him, all because he had the same name as the person they were after.

The incident took place on December 29, at around 7pm, in Virginia, USA.

The video shows a number of men, reportedly from the Henshman Bail Enforcement Agency, of Fredricksburg, Virginia, forcibly remove a man named Neil S. Jr from his home.

The video also shows a photo of the Neil S. the enforcement agents were allegedly looking for, who was wanted for skipping bail.

The description under the video, which was uploaded by the YouTube channel Things We like to Watch, reads:

VA Bail Enforcement agents came to the door with weapons drawn Threatening to kick it in as 15 year old girl opens door. Henshman Bail enforcement of VA proceed to (with use of unnecessary force) abduct a man with the same name as the skip. Prince William County PD refused to come help when 911 was called.

The agent drove the man around for an hour before dropping him off at home. Prince William Police refuse to press charges on the agents. Check out the video, so you can be the the judge. I couldn’t imagine how pissed I would be if this was me.

The video of the incident, apparently filmed by the man’s wife, shows her pleading with the agents and repeatedly telling them they’ve got the wrong man, as well as calling the police.

You can watch it here:

The woman behind the camera can be heard asking the agents to provide a date of birth for the man they’re looking for.

The agent replies: ‘Don’t worry about that’ and ‘He’s got multiple dates of birth’. He also says: ‘You have two choices right now – you can either open the door, or I’m going to kick it out.’

The man is then taken out of his home before he can even put his shoes on, and put in the back of the agents’ car.

The woman continues to say: ‘We need to know why he’s getting arrested, you’re arresting the wrong person, you never read the Miranda rights.’ Though the officer says: ‘I don’t need to read the Miranda rights.’

The agent also says the man, Neil, has been arrested before. Though the man they are putting in the car tries to tell them he has never been arrested in the past.

When trying to show the agents the man’s identification, to prove it’s the wrong man, the agent takes a look at it and says: ‘That’s our boy.’

Towards the end of the video, the apparently wrongly seized Neil can be seen at the Prince William police station, wanting to give a police report about his ‘kidnapping’, though seemingly being told that he couldn’t, and that the police would not be pursuing any charges against the bail enforcement agents.

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