Boxer’s Uncle Enters Ring And Sucker Punches Loser After Fight


The WBA super middleweight title fight between Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui on Saturday was always going to be an explosive one – but few expected the scenes it will go down in history for.

In the 7th round, reigning champ, Jose Uzcategui, was up on the judges scorecard. Towards the end of the round he had Dirrell on the ropes and was throwing a tirade of brutal hooks and jabs into his skull.

But then everything changed – in a scene we rarely see in modern boxing.

As the bell marking the end of the seventh rang, Jose didn’t stop punching. It was only a few seconds but it makes for a harrowing watch as he continues to throw – eventually sending Dirrell spiralling to the canvas.

Dirrell lay there motionless as the ref looked desperately for a doctor into a ring.

It’s rare that a boxer’s fight comes to an end with him lying face down on the floor but still comes out with a win yet that’s exactly what happened when the referee disqualified Uzcategui for fighting after the bell.

But the maddest thing? That wasn’t even the most controversial move of the night. Not even close.

In the aftermath of Dirrell’s celebrations, as interviews took place with the new IBF super middleweight champion, Dirrell’s uncle, Leon Lawson, got into the ring and threw a suckerpunch onto the jawline of an unsuspecting Uzcategui.

It’s easy to see why Dirrell’s uncle was furious – but boxing is just as much a sport of respect as it is a sport of violence and it is certainly not a place for attacks such as that.

Police are currently on the lookout for Lawson but it is thought that he is on the run.