Boy, 5, Pulled Over By Utah Highway Patrol On His Way To Buy A Lamborghini

by : Emily Brown on : 05 May 2020 13:42
Boy, 5, Pulled Over By Utah Highway Patrol On His Way To Buy A LamborghiniBoy, 5, Pulled Over By Utah Highway Patrol On His Way To Buy A LamborghiniUtah Highway Patrol

A five-year-old boy was so determined to buy himself a Lamborghini that he stole his parents’ car and set off to buy one, before police put a stop to his plans. 

It’s natural for youngsters to dream about getting their ideal car, but when they’re five years old they usually have to settle for toy versions of fancy vehicles.


Even when they’re old enough to drive, it usually takes a good few years of saving before they’re finally able to afford a car. This particular car enthusiast, however, deemed himself more than ready to buy a Lamborghini at just five years old.


Yesterday, May 4, police were patrolling the southbound Interstate 15 in Ogden, Utah, when they spotted a car travelling at 32mph in a 70mph zone.

Lt. Nick Street assumed the driver was impaired or experiencing a medical emergency, so he initiated a traffic stop. Dashcam footage shows a light-coloured SUV driving slowly down the interstate and moving across lanes without using indicators, at which point Street turned on his siren and the SUV pulled over.


Speaking to Buzzfeed News about the bizarre situation, Street recalled:

There’s a curve in the road and he was kind of having a hard time making the curve.

Hear Street questioning the boy below:


I’m not sure what Street expected to find when he approached the vehicle, but I can almost guarantee it wasn’t a five-year-old.

The unidentified child was sat right at the edge of the driver’s seat, with both feet on the brake pedal. Street had to help the youngster put the car in park so it didn’t start moving again while he tried to figure out what on Earth was going on.

The boy told Street he was five years old, and that he had left home to drive to California because he wanted to buy a Lamborghini. Of course, California isn’t the only place you can buy Lamborghini, but I suppose to the boy’s five-year-old mind it made sense to go to the state associated with wealth and glamour to buy the fancy car.


Utah Highway Patrol shared a picture of the scene on Twitter, though the tweet incorrectly stated that the boy had set off to buy the car after getting into a fight with his mother about it.

In fact, the boy’s parents were both at work at the time and a teenage sibling was supposed to be babysitting, when the young boy grabbed the car keys and left.

Even if he’d made it all the way to California, it’s unlikely the youngster would have been able to purchase the car of his dreams as he didn’t quite have enough cash.

Utah Highway Patrol said:


He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet.


Street added:

He was determined to go get a Lamborghini with the money he had in his wallet. Apparently, he didn’t realise you can get one in Utah.

Thankfully, the young boy had only made it a few miles from home and no one was hurt during his interstate adventure.

Street said Utah Highway Patrol is in communication with the county attorney to determine whether any charges should be filed against the boy’s parents for the incident, but he noted that based on the boy’s emotional state at the traffic stop, there’s ‘a good chance this won’t reoccur’.


Hopefully the youngster will have learned he doesn’t need to go to California to get a Lamborghini, so at least he won’t have to steal his parents’ car the next time he feels like buying one.

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