Boy Goes On Campaign To Get Everyone Smiling, After Tragic Death Of Both Parents

by : UNILAD on : 11 Aug 2015 11:39
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This inspirational boy is probably the happiest person in the world.

Against all odds 6-year-old Jaden Hayes is on a mission to get the people of Savannah, Georgia to smile. He’s been handing out trinkets, candy and toys to strangers in an attempt to cheer them up.

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Jaden started his cheerful crusade after the death of his parents, he lost his father at the age of four and recently lost his mother as well, she died in her sleep after putting him to bed.

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He told his aunt, who is now his legal guardian, that he was fed up of seeing everyone looking so sad all the time.


His aunt told Today:

After attending a funeral and a viewing, and seeing all these grownups walking around and nobody was smiling, he just got tired of people with sad, frowny faces

He really wanted to make people smile and so asked me, how we could make people do that.

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People are calling the campaign the ‘Smile Experiment’, and he’s already collected over 500 smiles so far, but is aiming for 33,000.

Good luck to him! What a hero.

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    'He got tired of all the sad faces': Boy, six, goes on campaign to make 33,000 people smile after both his parents die