Boy Refuses To Leave Baby Brother After They Were Abandoned

Viral Press

A heartbreaking video has been shared online of an abandoned baby, left alone in a beer crate with his older brother in Vietnam.

The young boy, who is tears, refuses to leave his little brother as residents find the baby wrapped in blankets and lying in the red crate in Hanoi.

According to Viral Press, the mother had dropped them off at 5am, telling the six-year-old that she was getting petrol across the road – but she never came back.

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Police in the area are now trying to find the boys’ parents.

Local worker, Nhu Goc, said:

This morning outside the church a two-month-old boy and his brother were abandoned on the street. The baby has currently been taken to hospital but anyone who knows information about the parents of the child please contact the ward.

We hope donors can help the baby. Why anyone can leave them like this we don’t know. There is a risk the boys could have been kidnapped and sold while they were vulnerable.

Viral Press

So sad.