Boy Rescued Just In Time After Trapping His Head In Escalator Handrail


Terrifying CCTV footage has emerged from China of a boy getting his head stuck under the handrail of an escalator. 

In the shocking video – captured on a security camera at a shopping centre in Guizhou Province – the boy is seen playing on an escalator handrail before he rolls down the conveyor belt and gets stuck on the edge.


It’s any parents worst nightmare to see their kid in a life or death situation and it was no different for this mother as you see her anxiously holding his body trying to pull him free, but unable to do so.

Fortunately other passers by realise the child is in jeopardy and a girl pushes the emergency button to stop the escalator immediately. Other bystanders then help the young mother free the young lad.


According to local media outlets – citing witnesses at the shopping centre – the boy was rescued without any obvious injuries and briskly taken away by his parents.

You can watch the frightening moment unfold in the video below.