Boyfriend ‘Runs For The Hills’ After Girlfriend Catches Bouquet At Wedding

Girlfriend catches bouquet boyfriend runs awaySWNS

One boyfriend expressed his desire not to commit to his partner in a very visual way, when he literally ran away after his girlfriend caught the bouquet at a wedding. 

The bride throwing the bouquet is probably the tradition a lot of boyfriends in attendance fear most – if their girlfriend catches it, that’s basically an engagement right there.

Daniel Gilbert wasted no time in fleeing the area when his girlfriend, Rachel Besley, was the lucky winner of the flowers at a wedding in Kettering, Northampton last Saturday, (September 1).

Watch the hilarious video here:

Rachel and Daniel were guests at newly-weds, Chelsea and Matt Best’s wedding, and while the general idea is a couple head off into the sunset together, Daniel decided to go it alone.

Bride Chelsea Best stood ready to pass the bridal torch as she faced away from the crowd of hopeful women and threw her bouquet over her head towards them.

A couple of the girls reached for the flying flowers, but Rachel managed to grab hold and waved them in the air to show her victory.

Moments later, Daniel appeared on screen. Looking like he was taking part in a race with an invisible Usain Bolt, and winning! The determined man sprinted past the group of girls, drink still in hand, and headed for the hills.

boyfriend runs away after girlfriend catches bouquetSWNS

Rachel probably went in for a celebratory kiss with her boyfriend after she caught the bouquet, only to realise he’d turned into a distant blur while she celebrated.

Viewers of the video were quick to share their amusement at the scenario, some even tagging their friends who would be likely to have the same reaction as Daniel.

I think we all know someone who’d be ready to run at the first sign of commitment.

One person wrote:

Run for your lyfe and hold the beer [sic]

A second said:

Omg didn’t know if I should laugh or feel sorry for the woman?

While another added:

the video of the girl catching the bouquet at a wedding and her boyfriend SPRINTING away from her is sooooooo funny. someone plz find it. [sic]

Here it is Serianna – you’re welcome.

If I were Rachel I’d probably take Daniel’s reaction as a warning sign he might not be ready for wedding bells – but at least she has the nice flowers as a positive to take away from the day.


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