Boyfriend’s Text Sent To Australian Model Partying With Prince William Revealed


An Australian model hit the headlines recently for her partying escapades with Prince William, but now it seems her boyfriend had a lot to say about it…

If you’re going to party with the royals, then you’re probably going to make world news and that’s exactly what happened to this model.

It seems her boyfriend had a part to play in this bizarre situation though and was actually pretty jealous about the whole thing, according to The Telegraph.


Lucky Sophie Taylor was working at the Farinet nightclub in Switzerland, when Prince William popped by for a spot of partying, after a hectic day on the slopes with his mates.

The 24-year-old model was definitely in the right place at the right time, as she was pictured giving the second-heir-to-the-throne a high five, although it did spark off a lot of media controversy.

Sophie’s boyfriend, Aaron Goodfellow, far from falling out with his girlfriend over her wild night, actively encouraged her to go out and let her hair down and seemed pretty jealous he couldn’t join in the fun.


He sent her a text reading:

Go out, you’re with Prince William, have the best time. I wish I could be there, but I’ve gotta go to work.

I mean that’s absolutely fair play isn’t it? You couldn’t exactly deny your partner the chance to party with royalty, when does that ever happen?

Aaron, who is a bartender and chef was also out that night, albeit behind the bar and witnessed the whole raucous event.


He seemed pretty impressed with the prince though, describing him as a ‘great guy’ and ‘very down to earth,’ as he downed Jagerbombs, beer and wine.

Unfortunately for Sophie, she lost her phone that night, fuelling rumours further the night was a real drunken one.

Her mum told Sydney’s The Daily TelegraphSophie also had nothing but praise for the prince, saying ‘he was a lovely and down to earth person.’


So as it turns out her boyfriend was pretty cool about the whole thing and wished he could’ve got in on the action himself.

You wouldn’t exactly want to miss out on the party of a lifetime though would you?

Oh to be a fly on the wall…