Bradley Cooper Set To Play Vince McMahon In WWE Biopic


If, like me, you’re of a certain age, then you’ll remember how awesome it was growing up watching Vince McMahon’s WWE, with the likes of The Ultimate Warrior, The Million Dollar Man and The British Bulldog.

If you’re a superfan, then you’ll have all the DVD’s stocked in your bedroom which look back at wrestling over the decades –  The History Of WWE: 50 Years Of Sports Entertainment is one I can highly recommend!

What better way to spend a Sunday evening when you’re hungover, reliving your youth, imitating D-Generation X, shouting ‘suck it’ at the top of your lungs.


Well now, news has emerged about the film Pandemonium – the Vince McMahon biopic, which is due to hit our screens.

Not only can we get overly excited about the film happening, but with reports now suggesting Bradley Cooper is set to play Mac Daddy himself – wrestling fans will be bursting at the seams with excitement – well I am anyway!

Last night, PWInsider reported the Hollywood A-lister, famous for his roles in The Hangover and American Sniper, has been offered the role of Mr McMahon.

Warner Brothers

Cooper, who has been nominated for four Academy Awards, is believed to have been chosen for the role due to Pandemonium’s makers wanting to attach a big name to the cast.

The 42-year-old is regarded as one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, with comedy roles in the likes of Wedding Crashers mixed with serious acting in hits such as Silver Linings Playbook.

To be fair, if you squint a little, Cooper could kind of pass for a young Vince McMahon – I said kind of.

I can’t wait to see Bradley rocking some of Vince’s old outlandish suits and pompadour hairstyles.

McMahon has reportedly given the script his seal of approval – after several tweaks were made, so let’s hope it’s an honest portrayal of him and the business!

The film is believed to cover his ascension in the wrestling business – but I’m hoping it’s going to throw up some pretty sweet cameos.

If it doesn’t, who on earth is going to be able to play some of the giants who have graced our screens like The Undertaker, Chyna, or even The Big Show?

Vince began his wrestling career as an announcer for his father’s WWF promotion in the 1970s, before buying the company from his dad in the early 1980s.

An elaborate expansion plan saw the re-named WWF become the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet in the 1980s, as well as becoming a pay-per-view and television sensation.

We all remember Summer Slams and Royal Rumbles – not to mention the infamous storylines – I hate to admit it but I genuinely thought Kane and The Undertaker were brothers until not so long ago *hides face*.


Vince McMahon has such a big personality – he’s funny, intelligent, mischievous – so who ever does end up playing him needs to be able to pull off his multi-dimensional character.

Thinkig about it though, I reckon Bradley Cooper is one celeb who could definitely be worthy of such a role.

Reagrdless of the cast, I’ve got high hopes for this film, so roll on Pandemonium!