Bradley Cooper’s Doppelganger Woos Unsuspecting Fans At Film Festival

by : Tom Percival on : 01 Feb 2016 12:20
cradley booper 2cradley booper 2Katz Twins - You Tube

One genius bloke managed to live the life of an A-list star when he spent a weekend tricking people into believing he was Bradley Cooper.


Matt Katzenbach (aka Cradley Booper) through sheer confidence and a crumpled suit, managed to trick multiple people at the Sundance Film Festival into believing that he was the real Bradley Cooper.

cradley boopercradley booperKatz Twins - You Tube

Mr Booper talked his way into a glitzy premier party for the film White Girl, unfortunately for him the organisers quickly caught on and chucked him out. Most likely because he looks fuck all like the real Cooper – I mean he’s got eyes, a nose and a mouth but that’s where the similarities end.

One unsuspecting fan even instagrammed a photo with Cradley Booper believing that he’s just met his favourite actor, when in reality it’s just some guy in a pair of sunglasses.


Mr Booper’s now released a video with his top tips for impersonating The Hangover star.

Respect to the guy, you’ve got to fake it till you make it.

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