Bradley Lowery ‘Makes Sweet Gesture To Cousins’ From Beyond The Grave


The aunt of the late Bradley Lowery has claimed that he made a touching gesture to his cousin hours after dying from cancer. 

Six-year-old Bradley died in his parent’s arms yesterday leaving his family devastated The Mirror reports.

After his death his mother, Gemma, told his young cousins about his death but added that although he was gone he would always be with them.


She told them and his aunt Kelly Stonebank that whenever they see a white feather that was Bradley watching over them.

Later while at the shops getting her girls a treat for being so strong, Kelly claims a small white feather flew into one of their faces.


One of the girls then said: 

Mammy, mammy, our Brad is here. Auntie Gemma was right, he still holds us near.

Kelly wrote an emotional Facebook post describing the moment her girls found the feather and described the day her nephew died as the ‘saddest day’.

My beautiful ,strong ,amazing sister in law and mother to my amazing nephew who's smile melted millions of hearts sat my…

Posted by Kelly Bradley Lowery Stonebank on Friday, 7 July 2017

She wrote:

My beautiful, strong, amazing sister in law and mother to my amazing nephew whose smile melted millions of hearts sat my girls down yesterday and explained what was happening.

Her words were so amazing that she lifted the girls on a high they were so overwhelmed with what she had said that our Bradley would be with them and always in their hearts and head he will always look over them and when they see a white feather they will know he was there.

My girls, they truly love their auntie Gemma Lowery and believe everything she said. It took all the strength she had left to do this for the girls of what they never will forget.”

So today after the saddest day I will not forget taking my girls to the shop to get them a little treat for being so strong that a little white feather flew right at Jorja’s face.

The excitement in her voice to hear her say mammy mammy our Brad is here auntie Gemma was right he still holds us near xxxxxx

The announcement of Bradley's death prompted thousands of supporters to react on FacebookFacebook

Bradley was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013 and underwent two years of chemotherapy to treat the rare cancer.

Unfortunately despite going into remission his parents, Gemma and Carl, were told that his cancer had returned in June.