Bradley Lowery’s Mum Reveals He Only Has ‘Weeks To Live’


Bradley Lowery’s mother has shared the tragic news that the five-year-old Sunderland fan has ‘only got weeks to live’ because his cancer is spreading at such a rapid rate.

The football-loving boy from County Durham was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013. He went into remission but his cancer returned in June last year.

Lowery’s mother Gemma made the devastating announcement on Facebook this afternoon that she ‘thought it was going to be months not weeks’.

Sorry for the lack of updates Iv needed some time to digest some information.

Bradley has been having radio therapy to…

Posted by Bradley lowery’s fight against neuroblastoma on Saturday, June 3, 2017

In the heart-breaking statement, Gemma wrote:

Bradley has been having radio therapy to help control the pain he was having in his leg. This has helped but unfortunately pain has started else where now due to tumours growing all over.

On Thursday after Bradley’s last radio he took poorly and his saturation levels where very low (this is the amount of oxygen he is getting into his body), because we weren’t at the RVI where he is normally treated the nurse had to get an ambulance to blue light him there.

Bradley had an amazing time at flamingo land. It was made special from start to finish thank you to all the people…

Posted by Bradley lowery's fight against neuroblastoma on Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Gemma continued:

Once we were there Bradley’s consultant checked him over and sent him for a chest x Ray. The results were devastating, all of Bradley’s tumours have grown really fast.

The reason his oxygen levels are low is because there isn’t much room in his lungs now. I was told Bradley has now only got weeks to live because of how rapid the cancer is spreading.

Yes I knew this was coming but I thought it was going to be months not weeks. My heart is broken in two, it is too soon for this to happen, it should never be happening to start with.

My baby has had to put up with so much over the past 4 years and now he has to suffer a painful death. How is that fair??? Why should any parent have to be put through this heart ache???

Posted by Bradley lowery's fight against neuroblastoma on Thursday, 9 February 2017

Well-wishers have shared messages of support for Bradley after this latest medical development, and donations to the family’s JustGiving page continue to flood in.

Our thoughts are with the Lowrey and his family at this difficult time.