Bradley Walsh Almost Disqualifies Chaser Shaun Wallace For Rule-Breaking


It was a bad day in the office for The Chase chaser Shaun Wallace.

Not only did he get eight answers wrong during The Final Chase, he managed to nearly get himself disqualified in the process.

During a head-to-head with contestant Danny, Wallace buzzed in before host Bradley Walsh had even finished reading the question.

Watch the clip below:

Walsh said: “I could disqualify you. You should know better, you’re a Chaser. Pack it in.”

Shaun, who’s been on The Chase since 2009, probably should have known better. And though he didn’t reply to the reprimand, he did look pretty sheepish.

Despite his error, he still went on to beat his opponent, who crashed out after taking a minus offer of £1,000.


Later on, the Dark Destroyer was annihilated by contestants Miranda and Anna, who managed to bag £12,000 with a 16 point lead.

By answering eight questions wrong, the pair were able to push back enough to win.