Brand New Lion King Sequel On Its Way To Disney Channel


Still feeling sad about Cecil the Lion?

Well don’t worry, we’ve got some positive lion news for you all – there’s going to be a new Lion King sequel.

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Disney are going to be releasing the film, called The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. It will be followed by a TV series, also on the Disney Channel, and will premiere in November.

There’s going to be a few voiceover actors from the original, including James Earl Jones, which means we’ll see some flashback scenes with Mufasa. As well as Jones, Ernie Sabella is returning to play everyone’s favourite warthog, Pumbaa.


Rob Lowe will voice Simba this time round, while Gabrielle Union, Max Charles, Atticus Shaffer and Sarah Hyland will also be voicing characters.

The film will tell the story of Kion, Simba and Nala’s second child, as he tries to become leader of the Lion Guard, a team of elite lions that protect the Pride Lands.

Here’s a clip:

I for one look forward to taking a trip down nostalgia lane.