Brave Girl Born Without An Anus Gives Moving Speech On ‘The New Normal’

Louise Elliott/YouTube

An incredibly brave schoolgirl from New Zealand has given a rousing speech to classmates where she explains what it is like to be different, and how the word ‘normal’ needs to be redefined.

Aiesha Ross is just 14-years-old and lives with a host of medical conditions as she was born with no anus, no rectum, damaged nerves in her spine, only one kidney, no cervix or uterus, and is forced to wear a colostomy bag as a result.

She explains that she has been bullied for not being ‘normal’ for most of her life, even by her siblings, and this led to her changing schools.

Aiesha and her fellow students were tasked with writing a speech on what teenagers need, and from her own experience her response was they need to feel accepted, to all be considered ‘normal’.

Check it out.

Aiesha says:

Let’s take a stand and make a new normal. A normal where everyone no matter who or what you are is accepted, is normal. A normal where it doesn’t matter whether you are fat, skinny, short, tall, pretty, ugly, have a disability, or have a medical condition, it wouldn’t matter, and it shouldn’t matter. We are so caught up in the old normal we can’t see with our own eyes that making a snarky little comment could end someone’s life. We are so caught up in the old normal; This is the new normal, I am the new normal, the new normal starts now!”

Hats off to her, if the world adopted the spirit of her rallying cry then it would certainly be a better place.