Brave Lad Beats TWO Types Of Cancer And Goes Back To School


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Deryn Blackwell is a pretty incredible kid.

Not only has he fought two types of cancer and had four bone marrow transplants, he has also returned to school.

The 15 year old was so ill that doctors told his family to prepare for his death, and despite that, the young teenager fought against the odds and survived.


His mother, Callie Blackwell, claimed that she cried tears of joy when he finally went back to school, and said that she didn’t expect her son to ‘finish a calendar year’, let alone go back to school.


She claimed:

Buying his uniform was so hard for me.

I was picking out his trousers and I suddenly got a huge lump in my throat.

Deryn asked me ‘why are you crying?’ and I said ‘I didn’t expect you to finish an advent calendar let alone go back to school’.


He was given days to live, and was even moved to the Children’s Hospice South West, in Wraxall, Somerset.

That was before his body started producing white blood cells, something that has been hailed as a miracle by his family and doctors.