Brave Man Solves Mystery Of Graveyard Ghost


Next time you’re walking through a graveyard and hear ghostly sounds, it may just be in your best interest to go investigate.

Although it’s easy to critisise horror film characters who end up getting themselves killed for doing the same, sometimes it’s hard to quiet the urge to find out what’s going bump in the night.

That’s what a man in Wiltshire did, and it paid off.

After hearing an eerie knocking sound coming from the headstones, the graveyard visitor did what most of us would never do and investigated the noise, the BBC reports.


But it wasn’t a ghost, a vampire, or a zombie – it was a baby fox with its head caught in a peanut butter jar. Far less scary.

Apparently, the fox cub was found ‘near death’ and was bashing the jar against a gravestone in a bid to get free.

She was picked up by Kevin Drew, from Creatures in Crisis animal rescue sanctuary, and his son Callum, 16, who came to the rescue and managed to free it before taking it back to the crisis centre.

He told SomersetLive:

We attended the scene and there was a fox cub with its head stuck in a peanut butter jar, trying to lick the peanut butter out.

The plastic jar was on tight enough for the poor fox cub not to be able to wriggle free, but there was just enough air getting through its fur that it hadn’t suffocated.

You couldn’t get your finger between the jar and the animal’s neck it was on so tight, but we picked it up and brought it home and managed to cut the jar off.

The little fox has – quite appropriately – been named Peanut, and is expected to be released after a few months of recovery.

Drew says it was lucky the jar was plastic and not glass, otherwise the injuries could have been far worse. He’s also urged people to wash out their jars before throwing them away.

So, as annoying as washing out peanut butter from a jar actually is, it’s probably best we follow Drew’s advice and do it anyway – baby foxes everywhere will thank you.