Brave Man Wrestles With Armed Robber After He Enters His Garage With Gun


How would you react if an armed robber entered your home?

Chances are you wouldn’t do what this brave guy did, who went to extreme lengths to protect his house after a man ran into his garage wielding a gun.

The shocking CCTV footage shows the violent burglar jump out on the homeowner as he’s putting his bins outside his San Fransisco home.

This badass isn’t going down without a fight, however, and he doesn’t flinch at the fact his foe has a weapon, wrestling with his assailant and attempting to wrench the weapon right out of his hands!

The pair grapple for several minutes before the man is actually able to disarm the attempted robber and push him back out onto the street. The suspect then sprints away with his tail firmly between his legs.

A spokesman for Taraval Police Station said:

The victim stated that he was taking his garbage container inside when the suspect walked into his garage holding a handgun. The victim said he grabbed at the gun and a struggle ensued. The victim was able to disarm the suspect and the suspect fled the scene.

Police are now hunting for the man in the CCTV clip, who may soon be able to add a criminal record to his sheer embarrassment over this entire situation.