Brave Mum Fights Off ‘Child Snatcher’ Who Tries To Abduct Her Daughter

by : UNILAD on : 08 Sep 2018 18:07
Mother fights of man trying to kidnap daughterMother fights of man trying to kidnap daughterAsiaWire

It is every parents worst nightmare – the prospect of losing their child.


Thankfully in this case a man in Taiwan failed in his attempt to snatch a little girl who was walking with her mother.

Thankfully the protective mother reacted quickly and held tightly on to her daughter before others could intervene.

You Can Watch The Video Below:

This was the moment a man, who has been identified only as Chou, suddenly lunged at the young girl who was walking with her mum. He tries to snatch her away by grabbing her rucksack.


CCTV footage from the Neihu district in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei shows the mum, who has been identified by her surname Wu, walking home with her seven-year-old daughter, who she’s collected from school, when Chou makes his move.

Chou, aged 33, who claims the incident was due to a case of mistaken identity, can be seen standing outside a restaurant when he spots the mother and daughter. All of a sudden he reaches out his arm to grab the child’s rucksack.

mother fights of man trying to kidnap daughtermother fights of man trying to kidnap daughterAsiaWire

Although the video comes with no audio, the girl appears to scream, as does the mother, according to local reports. The desperate mother tried to pull her daughter away from the would-be-abductor who refuses to let go of the girl’s bag.

She’s then lifted up into the air as the mother and the man engage in what has been described as a ‘human tug-of-war’.

Within a matter of moments the woman is soon helped by restaurant staff and a number of passers-by. Chou eventually let’s go and walks away from the scene.

mother fights of man trying to kidnap daughtermother fights of man trying to kidnap daughterAsiaWire

Police from the Dahu Precinct state Wu and her daughter were both shaken by the incident but not injured. They said the suspect claims he mistook them. However, the police did not elaborate any further on the matter.


An official investigation into the incident revealed Chou was working as a licensed lifeguard and instructor at a nearby public swimming pool prior to the incident.

In the fallout, he has since been sacked from his job after being held on forcible compulsion charges.

Last week, a young student in Johannesburg, South Africa narrowly avoided being kidnapped after two men attempted to drag her into a car.

The incident happened near Rembrandt Park, north of the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, when 21-year-old Charmaine Erick was just a short distance from home.

CCTV footage shows a car slow down, and two men inside appear to ask her to climb inside. When she refuses, one of the men gets out and chases after her as she runs off down the road – with the driver of the car putting it into reverse with the door open.

Watch it here:

He manages to catch her but she fights him off, and eventually struggles free. By this time, the man is too nervous to carry on and runs back to the car. He then jumps inside and the vehicle speeds off as the young woman runs through the garden gate to the family home.

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