Brave Pokémon Go Players Head Into Terrifying ‘Haunted Tunnel’ To Catch ‘Em All


We’d do an awful lot to catch a rare Gengar on Pokémon Go but heading into a creepy and supposedly haunted tunnel is probably a step too far.

Two bold and daring Japanese Pokémon trainers were willing to put their immortal souls at risk though in their quest to be the very best, and filmed themselves heading down a dark tunnel.

giphy (11)

Creeping down the pitch black tunnel the pair use torches to help themselves see and are clearly rattled at how dark it is under ground.

Their fear soon turns to pure joy though when they they begin to stumble across Pokémon, catching a Weedle and a Magikarp.

Unfortunately their loud cheering clearly pissed off the ghosts in the tunnel and one of the underground explorers realises he’s broken his phone while catching Pokémon .

giphy (12)

The brave trainer doesn’t let it get him down though and laughs off his friends concerns.

I can’t help but think that Nintendo and Niantic missed a trick by not putting a Gengar down there…