Brave Woman Speaks Out About Being A Victim Of Domestic Abuse



Emma Murphy felt like she needed to speak out about her domestic abuse, and it’s important that she did.

I’ve never been involved in domestic violence, and I’ve never seen it first hand, thankfully. But I do know a couple of people that have been victims, and to be honest I probably know a couple more that are keeping it secret.

Speaking out and looking for help with anything can be a terrifying thing to do, so to do it so publicly, with a black eye still sore, take some serious guts.

Emma said that the decision to speak out was made with in the best interests of her children, while also in the hope that anybody else suffering in silence can find the courage to get help.

There’s not a lot I can say about the video, Emma’s words speak for themselves.

It’s a very important issue, and I urge you to watch the whole video.

The girl from Dublin has received a LOT of support on Facebook after posting the video, and a lot of people saying that they have been through similar themselves. FAR too many.

If you, or somebody you know is in a situation like this, there are organisations that can help, like Women’s Aid and Samaritans.