Brazen Thief Has No Idea The Car Owner Is Recording Her


This attempted robbery is about as brazen and blatant a crime as you’re ever likely to see.

A new video shows the moment a woman was caught red-handed rifling through a car, blissfully unaware that the vehicle’s owner was standing behind her.

And, unsurprisingly, the driver wasn’t particularly happy with the Spanish woman’s attempts to steal from him.

In the video, he said:

Yeah let me be the first one to say I should whoop your motherf*cking ass going through my God damn car. Put my sh*t back in my motherf*cking car!

The woman then attempts to make a half-hearted apology and unconvincingly tries to explain her actions by claiming that her husband accidentally broke the car window. Okay then…

The owner of the car isn’t having any of it though and informs the woman that he’ll be calling the cops. Talk about instant regret for this foolish woman!