BREAKING: Man ‘Neutralised’ In Brussels As Police Carry Out Major Operation


A man has been reportedly ‘neutralised’ amid explosions and gunfire in Brussels as police carry out a major operation in the wake of the terror attacks.

Special forces have allegedly been seen on the ground in Place Meiser in the Schaerbeek district of the city.

The search in Schaarbeek is part of an ongoing investigation following the tragic bombing attacks which killed at least 31 people and wounded 316 on Tuesday.

Alice Chemin wrote on Twitter: Something’s happening in #Meiser #Schaerbeek. Heard two (small) explosions. Square totally secured.”

Another added: “Evacuation of the Place Meiser, a bomb disposal robot is being used!”

There were reports a tram was stopped and was evacuated, as police then increased the cordon to the entire square.

A bomb disposal robot has also been seen being sent into the scene.