BREAKING: The Final Suspect From The Paris Attacks Has Been Arrested


The last remaining Paris attacks suspect still at large has been arrested in Brussels.

A Belgian federal police spokesman today confirmed that Mohammed Abrini was in police custody, reports the Daily Mail.

Abrini, 31, is thought to have played major parts in both the massacre that killed 130 in Paris and the Brussels bombings which claimed the lives of 32 last month.


The Belgian has been on Europe’s most wanted list since being identified on CCTV alongside recently arrested terror suspect Salah Abdeslam.

The pair are reported to have been childhood friends and their families used to be next-door neighbours in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek.

Abrini is known to have travelled with both Abdeslam and his brother Brahim – who blew himself up during the Paris attacks. The trio allegedly made two round trips between Brussels and Paris to rent hideouts for the Paris attackers.


According to intelligence sources, Abrini took photographs of an unidentified football stadium while his Islamic State cell began planning the attacks in France.

In the days before the attacks, he was spotted on CCTV at a service station in the company of Abdeslam, and also at the wheel of the black Renault Clio that was later used in the attacks.

However, he disappeared the day before the gunmen and suicide-bombers attacked the French capital.

It is thought that he may have coordinated the attacks from a distance as his relatives have said he was in Brussels on the night of the attacks.