BREAKING: These 72 New Emojis Will Soon Be Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

iOS Emoji Keyboard. Photo: Josh Valcarcel/WIREDFlickr

Stop the presses and make sure you’re sat down before reading this – yes, they’re releasing more emojis!

That’s right, according to The Mirror, the people behind the most irritating piece of social media since the birth of the selfie are releasing 70 brand new smiley faces for you to send to your mates.

Apparently, those who pepper their posts with the irritating little faces thought the emoji world was missing something, but their prayers have finally been answered.

New-emojisUnicode Consortium

The people over at Unicode Consortium, who are responsible for setting a standard of characters across the computing industry, have released a list of 72 new emojis that are apparently coming in an update this month.

Prepare yourself to get hyped because the shrug, the facepalm, the ‘feeling sick’ face, and even a kiwi emoji are all on the list.

So, if you’re the type of person who’s been desperate to send your pals a male version of the the Saturday Night Fever dancer then you’re in luck!


Love avocado? Let your friends know with a tiny picture of an avocado.

Or maybe you simply want to celebrate the fact that there’s 70 new emojis? Why not makr the occasion with some clinking champagne glasses and pray the existential dread doesn’t set in.

These brand spanking new emojis are coming in the Unicode Consortium’s June update, but you won’t be able to use them until fonts are released that include them on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows operating systems.

The teases…