BREAKING: Two Men On Run After Shooting And Knife Attack In Cologne


Two suspects are on the run after a knife and shooting attack in Cologne, according to local reports.

One person was injured in the attack near Rudolfplatz in the early hours of Monday morning, the Koelner Express reported.

According to witnesses, the man ran to his Mercedes but the attackers shot at the vehicle’s windows and tyres as he drove away.

The paper said several people told police shortly before 4am that three or four people were arguing with another man. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing the men attacking each other with axes, the Independent reports.

Cologne police spokesman Cathrine Maus said the unnamed victim had been ‘seriously injured’ in the attack. She said police were called to the scene after a spate of emergency phone calls from neighbours on Flandrische Straße, Cologne, according to the Telegraph.

The motive is currently unknown, but Germany has been on high alert since a number of deadly attacks. In July, an 18-year-old German-Iranian went on a shooting spree in Munich, leaving 10 people dead, and at least 27 others injured, some critically.

In July, five people were injured when an axe and knife-wielding man assaulted passengers on a train near the town of Würzburg.

Our thoughts are with the victim.