BREAKING: Yet Another Deadly Nightclub Mass Shooting


At least two people are dead and several are wounded after another nightclub shooting in Florida.

It’s believed shooting broke out at Club Blu in Fort Myers, Florida during a ‘teen night’ event in the early hours of this morning, The Mirror reports.

According to local news outlets, up to 17 people have been shot, with children as young as 13 believed to have been caught up in the atrocity which broke out at around 1am local time.

Early reports suggest that one of the dead victims is a 14-year-old boy.

Evidence cones at the scene marked out roughly two dozen bullet casings in a parking lot, where authorities are now investigating, WVZN-TV reports.

There has been no official confirmation on the type of incident which has occurred or if further people have been affected. Other reports suggest that there have been two other shootings in the nearby area.

It remains unclear if a shooter or multiple shooters are currently on the loose.

As gunshots erupted, one witness spoke of how she managed to duck under her vehicle with her sister.

“I couldn’t believe we were in a live shooting. The little boy was just laying on the floor, He was just trying to fight for his life. The little boy was out,” Juss Olivia said in a Facebook Live video.

This comes less than 24 hours after another nightclub shooting at Doubles Bar in Hamilton, Ohio, which killed one person and left several others injured.