Breast Surgeon’s Operating Room Selfies Are Beyond Inappropriate


A plastic surgeon has sparked outrage by posing for a number of creepy selfies on Instagram while his patients were unconscious.

The Ukrainian doctor Edgar Kaminskyi, 31, has been sharing snaps of his patients undergoing boob jobs while asking his fans to give the pics a ‘like’ if they’re impressed with his work.

Incredibly though, Kaminskyi claims the women in the pics have all agreed to appear in his photos and videos, saying that his social media activity boosts his business, The Daily Mail reports.

He said: 

All my broadcastings in Periscope are organised after the agreement with my patients. They sign an appropriate document. I do not take social networks as a mean of communication, only as an advertising engine.

In one video, the bold surgeon exposes a woman’s boobs and claims: “Soon you’ll see them on Kiev’s beaches – and not only there.”

Despite his cocksure attitude, the good doctor made a huge slip up in one of his selfies, posting a pic of himself not wearing gloves.

A critic wrote:

You are without gloves! There is a patient on the operation table!!! You do not follow aseptic rules!!! It is forbidden to enter operating theatre without gloves.

Meanwhile, Kaminskyi’s behaviour hasn’t impressed the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) who’ve commented that a surgeon shouldn’t be thinking about advertising during surgery.

Mary O’Brien, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS council member, said:

Pre- and post-op pictures, when they are used professionally and respectfully, can be very helpful for patients. But inappropriate use of photos and social media is exploitative of vulnerable patients.

And it is my view, that during an operation, a surgeon should be focusing wholly on that operation, and not on marketing for his own personal gain.

We doubt that Kaminskyi’s too bothered by the criticism though, with his thousands of Instagram followers and Playboy model wife.

But hopefully his future patients will now realise that he’s a bit shameless when it comes to self promotion.