Brexit Has Inspired This State To Consider Leaving The U.S.


While everything is essentially going to shit here in the UK, with the ramifications of Brexit becoming more apparent, Texans still seem to think this is a pretty good idea.

Longing back to the days of 1836-1845 when it became an independent republic, after losing the Battle of the Alamo against the Mexican government, Texans want to see it secede from the U.S.


There have been several calls for this before, but since the 90’s this ideology has only got a stronger and more passionate following.

Daniel Miller, head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, has now called for ‘Texit’.

After the results in the UK were declared he tweeted the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott:

And it seems there are some people out there who are pretty game for the move:

Though others seemed to think it wouldn’t be much of a loss to the U.S: 

This possibility was raised last week, with secessionists drawing parallels between UK’s relationship with Brussels and Texas’ relationship with Washington DC.

The Texas Nationalist Movement boasts a big following on Facebook with more than 219,000 likes and managed to convince 265,000 citizens to sign a petition to break away from the union.


The group seems to have a pretty similar rhetoric to Britain First, with the slogan: “Texas First, Texas Forever”.

Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump rejected the idea of a Texit, with the response: “Texas loves me.”

A rejection which completely contrasts with the congratulations he offered Britain on Friday for voting to leave the EU, tweeting:

Could Texas become yet another casualty of Brexit?